Social insurance


When a new business is established, many of you must have difficulty registering for the initial social insurance for the business. If so, read the following article.


The process of applying for social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance in 2020 shall comply with the guidance in Decision No. 595/QD-BHXH of the social insurance agency on promulgating the process of collecting dossiers of participation in social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, accident insurance, occupational diseases, re-issuance of health insurance cards, social insurance books.


The compliance process follows these steps:

Step 1: Employees perform

Employees make insurance declarations according to form TK1-TS issued together with Decision No. 888/QD-BHXH

Step 2: The employer implements

  1. Make a declaration of the participating unit, adjust the information of social insurance and health insurance according to the form TK3-TS issued together with decision No. 595/QD-BHXH
  2. Report on employment of enterprises and list of participation in social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance using form D01-LT issued together with Decision No. 1040/QD-BHXH

Step 3: Enterprises apply for insurance for the first time as follows

  1. Application composition: Submit form TK1-TS, TK3-TS, D02-LT
  2. Quantity: 1 set
  3. Application location

– Submit it to the social insurance agency of the district where it is registered on the business license.

– Enterprises setting up their head office addresses in any locality may register to participate in social insurance in that locality according to the decentralized social insurance of the province.

– Branches of enterprises registering to participate in social insurance at the place where business registration licenses are granted to branches.

  1. Form of application: Submit the dossier and receive the result of dossier settlement through electronic transactions, postal service as follows:
  • For paper documents: The enterprise notified the insurer and postal service provider to receive papers directly at the unit. For electronic data, the enterprise sends it to the insurer through the insurance software.
  • For enterprises registering e-transactions, the regulations on e-transactions shall comply with regulations on implementation of procedures for participation in social insurance, health insurance, re-issuance of health insurance cards and social insurance books.
  1. Application deadline

Within 30 days from the date of conclusion of the labor contract, working contract or the effective date of the recruitment decision, the employee must submit the complete dossier as prescribed to the social insurance agency.

Step 4: The social insurance agency implements

  1. Issuance of social insurance books:


No more than 5 working days after receiving complete dossiers, the insurer shall grant the social insurance book to the employees.

  1. Issuance of health insurance cards

No more than 5 working days after receiving complete documents, the insurer will grant health insurance cards to employees.



When participating in corporate social insurance, it is necessary to pay attention to the subjects required to participate in social insurance. Those objects include:

1. The employees are Vietnamese citizens of the following subjects:

  • The employee works under an uns specified term labor contract, a defining labor contract, a seasonal labor contract or a job with a term of labor contract from full 03 months to less than 12 months, including the labor contract concluded between the employer and the employee's legal representative. under 15 years of age in accordance with Vietnamese labor law;

– The employee works under a labor contract with a contract duration of between full 01 month and under 03 months;

– Defense workers, police officers or other workers in basic organizations;

– Professional officers and servicemen in the People's Army, officers, professional officers, officers and technically specialized officers in the People's Police, who do basic and paid tasks as for military personnel;

– No officers, army soldiers, officers, people's police soldiers serving for a limited time, students in the army, police and basics who are studying are entitled to living expenses;

– Cadres and employees;

– The enterprise manager or the cooperative manager is entitled to a salary;

– Non-full-time employees at commune, ward or township agencies.

– Overseas workers working abroad under contracts in Vietnam;

2. Foreign nationals working in Vietnam who have work permits or practice certificates or practice licenses granted by competent agencies in Vietnam may also participate in compulsory social insurance in accordance with the provisions of law.

3. Voluntary social insurance participants are Vietnamese citizens who are not subject to Clause 1 and are at least 15 years of age.

4. Employers who are subject to compulsory social insurance include: state agencies, administrative units, people's armed forces units, socio-political-professional organizations, other social organizations, international organizations operating in the Vietnamese territory , enterprises, cooperatives, individual business households, cooperative groups, other organizations or individuals that hire or use employees under labor contracts.

5. Agencies, organizations and individual enterprises related to social insurance.

The subjects in clauses 1, 2 and 3 above are generally referred to as employees.

Above are the steps in registering for social insurance for the first time. If you are still unknown, you can learn more about social insurance here!