Wacontre is a Japan based company established in Vietnam and is engaged in IT consulting and trading company in Vietnam.
Taking advantage of the personal experience and connection that I have been in business for 10 years in Vietnam, We have Accounting services, company registration to recruitment after the company is established and support online marketing..

Our services

We want to bring to businesses a dedication, enthusiasm, professionalism, safety, solidity and the same business can grow upwards. You can choose us as the most suitable choice for you!

Update accurately in time Revenue - Spend - Cash fund in the fund book, report when necessary to the Director and KTT ...

Register to participate in social insurance Closing social insurance books, getting health insurance cards Registration of social insurance and health insurance for the first time Calculation of monthly salary

Pay corporate card taxes online. Used to declare social insurance. Used to make a manual

Gather invoices and documents of enterprises to monitor and plan. Make monthly, quarterly tax reports and pay taxes to the company.

Make initial tax declaration and registration. Set up and build the original math book system. Monthly and quarterly declaration of VAT, PIT, CIT

company establishment

In addition to IT, software and licenses, we can apply for licenses in all open industries for foreign capital. Please contact us tonight ...

Service price list

Depending on your needs, we provide a package accounting service with the most reasonable cost. 96.8% of customers according to the survey rated our service prices as reasonable and commensurate with the quality provided.


(For newly established companies)

154 USD
  • Support buying account (22 USD)
  • Buy digital signature - Business support (22 USD)
  • Register an account SKHDT, tax authorities

    (22 USD)

  • Register for electronic tax payment (22 USD)
  • Support issuing electronic invoices

    (44 USD)

  • Make payroll (66 USD)
  • Building a periodic salary scale system

    (66 USD)

  • Register for social insurance (66 USD)
  • Labor declaration, building rules

Package accounting

176 $
  • Monthly/quarterly VAT report
  • Report the status of using invoices
  • Monthly/quarterly PIT tax report
  • PIT Tax Finalization
  • Finalization of CIT - Financial Statements
  • Entering journal entries, making detailed and general accounting books
  • Exchange and consult monthly data
  • Quarterly financial reports to customers

01->05 invoice

21.74 USD

06->20 invoice

43.47 USD

21->50 invoice

86.94 USD

51->100 invoice

130.41 USD

150->200 invoice

173.88 USD

Calculating salary, PIT/person

21.74 USD

Consulting on issues of social insurance, maternity, sickness

26.08 USD

Compose and make Electronic Invoice

13.04 USD

Settlement PIT


Authorization company to settle

30.43 USD/person

Individual self-settlement

21.74 USD/person

Additional services for foreign companies and representative offices

(for foreign companies and representative offices)
  • DPI report /quarter (Report on the situation of foreign invested companies) 44 USD/Quarter
  • Register for chief accountant 44 USD/Month
  • Calculating PIT for foreign workers VND 44 USD/Person/ Month
  • Report on employment situation 44 USD /6 Month (VN Company), 66 USD /6 Month (State Company)
  • Report on business activities for representative office/year 88 USD/Year
  • Making a contract with a turnover of 44 USD /piece/Year
  • Bank account management (Place a payment request with the bank, register a bank account) 22 USD Month
  • Report on labor increase/decrease, maternity and sickness records 14 USD/Profile (In City), 22 USD/Profile (Out City)

What problems will Wacontre support you with?

Wacontre is a Japan based company established in Vietnam and is engaged in IT consulting and trading company in Vietnam.

Taking advantage of the personal experience and connection that I have been in the business for 10 years in Vietnam, I will do everything from company registration to recruitment after the company is established and support online marketing.

Consulting and compiling dossiers

Consulting and compiling dossiers according to the form of tax authorities​

Mistakes ​to avoid

Common mistakes to avoid

Report an invoice documents

Report an invoice documents of goods and services sold.​
Report the use of invoices.

Print the report and submits

Print the report to bring to the place where the enterprise signs and submits at the District Tax Department.

As chief accountant

As chief accountant, buying invoices, accounting books

Notify the VAT

Notify the VAT payable in the period to the enterprise.

Explaining dosiers

Meeting and explaining dossiers at the request of tax authorities

Buy- Sell invoice

Balance and check the documents of buy-sell invoices.

Tax declaration, Tax payment

Tax declaration, tax payment, tax refund, tax finalization, tax exemption, invoices, documents, complaints, denunciations, inspection and handling of violations in the tax field

Our commitment

Necessary data and documents for you

Timely provide necessary data and documents for you


To the customer, responsible for the loss of information.


Timely advice on matters related to the operation process of enterprises in accordance with the state tax policy

Confidentiality of information

Confidentiality of information for customers, responsible for loss of information.

Cost savings

Cost savings of up to 70% compared to other accounting services companies.

Complete the work

Complete the work on time, as prescribed.

Explain to tax agencies

Explain to tax agencies and statistical agencies upon request.

Update and notify

Update new documents and notify businesses when relevant

Issuance of invoice

Issued invoices for business use.


Do not hesitate to contact us directly for advice.











– Order fast printing, invoice issuance notice.
– Reduce the cost of printing e-invoices, preserving and storing invoices…

– Convenient for accounting, data reconciliation.

– Making, sending/receiving invoices to customers is done quickly through electronic means.

– Reduce the risk of losing, burning bills and penalties
relate to.

– Be warned in a timely manner of possible risks

 – Instructions on how to write, use and manage invoices, make receipts and payments according to regulations.
– Instructions on how to identify valid or invalid invoices and documents.
– Consulting on registration of labor, salary, social insurance, health insurance
– Consulting on value added tax or corporate income tax, personal income tax.
– Preserve and return original documents to customers (if any).
– Other consulting and support services during the contract performance
– Always update policy changes to customers and stakeholders;
– Make reports to state agencies always accurate and timely;
– Have a lot of practical experience with many types of businesses;
– Minimize costs to the maximum while the quality is better than outsourcing.

– Not only do monthly accounting services for customers, WACONTRE is also responsible for the extent of what we have done for customers.
– Always timely update on the provisions of the law and current accounting regime, bringing practical benefits to customers.
– With all the dedication, professionalism and best service attitude, WACONTRE we are committed to bringing satisfaction to our customers in the best way.