Social insurance


Pursuant to Point a, Clause 1, Article 99 of the Law on Social Insurance 2014, within 30 days from the date of conclusion of labor contracts, work contracts or recruitment, employers shall submit dossiers to social insurance agencies.

1.Application for participation in social insurance for the first time

Pursuant to Article 23 of Decision No. 595/QD-BHXH, the following provisions are:

For workers:

  • Declaration of participation and adjustment of social insurance and health insurance information (Form TK1-TS);
  • In case the employee is entitled to higher health insurance benefits: supplementing the proof (if any) according to Appendix 03;
  • For foreign workers who have additional labor contracts with a term of time abroad or labor contracts that are extended together with documents of extension of labor contracts or labor contracts newly signed in the receiving country under the contract.

For units:

  • Declaration of participating units, adjusting social insurance and health insurance information (Form TK3-TS);
  • List of employees participating in social insurance, health insurance, health insurance, labor insurance, BNN (Form D02-TS);
  • Information statement (Form D01-TS).


Form TK3-TS aims to have the enterprise register to issue a unit code for the first time participating in social insurance;

Form D02-TS for the purpose of declaring the list of employees eligible for social insurance (Required)

Form TK1-TS applies to participants who have not been issued social insurance numbers and changed information (with household member annexes)

Form D01-TS aims to synthesize dossiers and papers of units and participants as grounds for collection of social insurance, health insurance and social insurance (In case the unit declares a late increase in participants in social insurance)

In addition to the above documents, enterprises need to prepare the following documents to be the basis for filling out information:

  • Labor contract
  • Household registration books, cmt of employees

2. Execution sequence

Step 1: Fully prepare the necessary documents such as labor contracts, household books, id cards of employees … as a basis for filling out the information in the forms.

Step 2: For the unit that has not been granted the code of the unit participating in social insurance, the unit will submit the TK3-TS declaration to the social insurance agency to carry out procedures such as: labor increase/decrease, collection dossier … for subsequent times;

After 1-7 working days the unit will be issued a unit code;

Step 3: After being granted a unit code, prepare and fill out the employee's information on the corresponding forms to carry out the procedure for reporting labor increases;

Step 4: Submit the application to the social insurance agency;

Step 5: After submitting the full application, the insurance agency will issue social insurance books and health insurance cards no more than 05 working days after receiving the full dossier.

3. Place of application

Submit it to the social insurance agency of the district where the enterprise is headquartered (based on the business registration license).

4. Application form

For paper records:

Through the postal service of the social insurance agency (free). Businesses only need to register an account, fill in the information. After that, the postal service organization comes to receive the dossier directly at the unit.

For electronic transactions:

Implemented through social insurance declaration software of I-Van units such as E-FY, BKAV … The unit only needs a digital signature to perform the application operation, very quickly and conveniently.