Social insurance


In order to ensure the benefits for employees after a period of work, businesses make insurance applications for employees. Below are the detailed steps taken to participate in social insurance, health insurance, unemployment and settle other workers' regulations.


Currently, all businesses register to participate in insurance on the software. The following will be a guide to the steps of registration and resolution of the regime for each specific case performed on the software as follows:

SttprocedurefileSENDING METHOD
1Procedures for first registration with social insurance– Business registration certificate of the company (currently sent via PM so no need to send the DKKD as before) – DS D02 new labor increase reportThe procedure:- After having enough tokens, software, the Software side they will support to declare information for the first time (but declare information very simple to declare itself)- After plugging tokens , install the software….login to the system and send records is done1 / Buy tokens (if the company does not have one, if the Accountant already has, the shared token) only buys additional BH software.2/ When purchasing PMBH, there will be a certificate of use of the Software. have an ID and pass to sign in. If you do not have a token, contact the token placing agency
2Renewal of annual health insurance cardSend the initial registration form of medical examination and treatment address if there is a change according to the full information DS.Pay for social insurance in full Online declaration in the selection section: card issuance ….On pm insurance there are available relevant forms. 
3Closing the book for employees to quit their jobsWhen an employee quits his/her job to protect any month, he/she will report a decrease on the Software from the previous month. For example, T8 reduction newspaper, July newspaper decreased to ensure no collection of health insuranceIn case of late reduction report, although Dispatch 2533 / BHXH-QLT does not revoke the health insurance card of employees from October 18, 2016 but in fact, when the newspaper decreases on the system, it must still be accumulated in the card return commitment item. On the system when reducing completely, the automatic health insurance card is no longer valid, but the collection insurance is a precaution in case the system may not update but the employee can still use the health insurance card.-Hard copy BH book sent to BH (receiving appointment certificate at 1 door)-Implementing a reduction report on the system so there is no need to print a hard copy.-Decision to terminate the contract so that if the employee has enough, he/she will be entitled to unemployment insurance.
4Ways to handle insurance errors such as: Book pooling, book coincidence, delayed reporting of increase and decrease, forgetting to report increases and decreases, wrong information of employees, loss of books, regression, re-collection,…When these errors occur, contact social insurance for guidance. The error will typically be handled as follows:1. Procedures for additional declaration on the software2. Make an explanation sent by post to BH3. Reconciliation of collection and collection of differences by: mandate of expenditures of the company, list of employees at the software and list of payment according to payment mandate. 
56-month reverse leopardIn case of wanting to report a decrease, it is very difficult but if it is small companies, it is still possible to negotiate and agree with the social insurance on this issue (such as the company is too difficult, there is no payment…. 



Monthly payment method for enterprises

– Monthly, pay insurance premiums no later than the last day of the month.

– Enterprises shall deduct social insurance premiums on the monthly salary fund of employees participating in compulsory social insurance and deduct from the salary paid for social insurance of each employee as prescribed. Transfer these two funds at the same time to the account opened at the bank or state treasury of the social insurance agency.

Insurance payment method every 03 months or 06 months

  • Enterprises operating and doing business in the field of agriculture, fishery and salt production pay salaries according to products or securities, they are paid every 3 or 6 months.
  • No later than the end of the month of the method of payment, the enterprise must transfer enough money to social insurance.

Location of social insurance payment

  • Enterprises setting up their head office addresses in any province, registering social insurance in that province according to the decentralized of this provincial social insurance.
  • Branches located in any locality, register social insurance in that province according to the decentralized of provincial social insurance or in the area of the parent company.

Above is a detailed guide to the steps when registering for insurance on the current software. If you want to refer to the procedures to solve the regime of social insurance you can see more here!