Company establishment


1. Declaration and payment of tax subjects at tax authorities

According to the provisions of law, enterprises must declare and pay tax on the subject no later than the last day of the month of starting business activities or if the enterprise has not yet had production and business activities, the time limit for submission of the tax declaration is no later than 30 days, from the date of receipt of the business registration certificate

The tax rate in 2021 is VND 2,000,000 per year for enterprises with charter capital of VND10 billion or less and VND 3,000,000 per year for enterprises with charter capital of over VND10 billion.

2.Hang a sign at the company’s headquarters

After establishment, the company needs to hang a sign at the company’s headquarters, the company’s sign must show information about the company name, address, phone number of the company. Avoid the case when the tax authority comes down to check the headquarters will notify the enterprise not operating at the headquarters and do not allow the enterprise to register to use the invoice.

In addition, for the act of not hanging a sign at the headquarters of the enterprise: a fine of from VND 1,000,000 to VND 3,000,000is imposed.

3. Opening a bank account of the enterprise, notifying the bank account with the tax authority

When the business comes into operation, it is necessary to have a bank account to make payment transactions by transfer and electronic tax payment.

Bank account opening records

  • The application for opening an account according to the form of the bank is signed by the company representative and the seal of the company.
  • Representative ID card (notarized copy)
  • Business registration license (notarized copy)
  • Notice of posting a seal form on the national business registration portal

Note: When opening a bank account for the company, some banks also require more: The decision to set up a company or the charter of the establishment of the company, and it is mandatory to have a chief accountant, then a notarized copy of the accountant’s ID card is required.

Finally, the business brings the application to open an account to the bank to complete the procedure of opening a bank account for the company and receive the account number – activating the account for the company. The minimum balance in the account is 1,000,000 VND.

Registration of digital signatures for electronic tax payment

Enterprises order digital signatures and register for use with digital signature certification service providers. Electronic digital signatures are equivalent to the seal of the enterprise when paying electronic taxes.

Documents to be prepared when purchasing digital signatures: Certificate of business registration, ID card of photocopier

4.Procedures for issuing electronic invoices

Selection of e-invoice service provider

On the market today, there are many reputable crazy billing service providers. All of these units must be licensed to operate and under the management of the General Department of Taxation, so businesses only need to choose the right supplier. Businesses can search for electronic invoice software service providers at the website of tax departments.

The e-invoice provider will create an entire electronic invoice profile for the business including:

Decision on application of electronic invoices

(According to Form No. 1, Circular No. 32/2011/TT-BTC) contains the following main contents:

  • Device system name (name of electronic media), name of application software used for initialization, electronic inciating.
  • Electronic media is a means of operation based on electrical, electronic, digital, magnetic, wireless transmission, optics, electromagnetic or similar technologies.
  • The technical department or service provider name is technically responsible for electronic invoices, application software;
  • The process of initiating, making, rotating and storing electronic invoice data within the organization.
  • The responsibilities of each affiliated department related to the creation, preparation, processing, rotation and storage of electronic invoice data within the organization include the responsibility of the person who is converting electronic invoices to paper invoices.

Sample invoices, conversion invoices

  • The form invoice must be full of the required criteria of the invoice
  • The name, address and unit information of the seller on the form invoice must be in accordance with the tax registration information

Notice of invoice issuance

The notice for issuance of electronic invoices includes the following contents:

  • Name of electronic invoice issueer, tax code, address, phone
  • Types of invoices issued (invoice type name, invoice symbol, invoice number symbol, start date of use, number of invoices noticed for issue (from… to the number…));
  • The name of the tax authority receiving the notice;
  • Date of issuance notice;
  • Name and signature of the legal representative and the seal of the unit (in case of sending the notice of issuance to the tax authority by paper); or the electronic signature of the issued organization (in case of sending it to the tax authority by electronic means through the tax authority’s portal).

Submit an invoice issuance notice

If you submit a notice of invoice issuance directly at the tax office, the dossier includes

  • Decision on use of electronic invoices;
  • Sample invoices, conversion invoices;
  • Notice of issuance of invoices according to form No. 2, Circular No. 32/2011/TT-BTC.

If you submit an invoice issuance notice through the electronic tax system, the dossier includes

  • Decision on use of electronic invoices;
  • Sample invoices, conversion invoices;
  • Notice of issuance of invoices according to form TB01/AC (issued according to circular No. 26/2015/TT-BTC issued on February 27, 2015) is derived from declaration support software (HTKK).

Look up valid documents related to electronic invoice issuance procedures

After 2 days from the date of submission of the notice of issuance of invoices, the enterprise looks up updated invoice information on the system

Enterprises access the above link, select the Information information issued ⇒ Invoices ⇒ individual organizations and fill in all the information to look up at “Lookup Parameters”.

  • If the enterprise sees that the invoice result is fully informed: Successful invoice issuance notice, the enterprise is allowed to use the invoice
  • If there is no result: The announcement does not work. Enterprises directly contact the management tax authorities for reasons and carry out the procedures for issuing invoices.
  1. Requirements to be prepared when the tax authority comes down to check
  • Hang business signs at the head office address;
    • There is a written confirmation that the right to use the address of the company’s head office is legal (Lease agreement, house loan contract or land use right certificate in the name of the company director)
    • Business registration certificate, Notice of posting of stamp form, Round mark
    • There are tables and chairs, books and other related items that prove the company is active
    • There is a contract for the sale and sale of goods or a provision of services that proves that the company has been operating and has the need to issue invoices to customers.

5.Registration of depreciation of fixed assets

Before depreciating fixed assets, enterprises must register the method of depreciation with tax departments